Why & What

Why Do Corporate Borrowers Need Advice?

  • Borrowers are at a disadvantage when negotiating with their banks and other lenders.
  • Banks have market insight and resources beyond the reach of all but the largest corporations.
  • Companies, particularly those dealing with one bank, need advisors with banking knowledge.
  • Lenders benefit when they get information they need in a format they can use.

What is the benefit?

  • For accountants with clients having banking challenges can get advice to pass on to their clients themselves or, if they think it would compromise their independence, give their client someone they can consult that is not affiliated with another accounting firm.
  •  For lawyers that have clients with banking challenges can get background that will enable them to provide better advice to their client, or someone they can refer their client to get the advice directly.
  • For bankers that have clients or prospects they suspect might not be providing the information they need to meet the client’s needs.  By referring the company to someone who understands a bank credit process, they can be confident of getting the information they need.
  • For companies thinking of looking for financing who want to engage with potential lenders efficiently and effectively. 
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