Putting an experienced banker on the borrower’s team to:

  • Prepare a borrower for meetings with existing and potential lenders.
  • Ensure information packages are complete, accurate and show the borrower in the best light.
  • Consult on debt strategy, potential lenders and facilitate requests for proposals as required.
  • Project manage closings. Assist with due diligence and document review.
  • Advise on financial risks and hedging strategy, corporate policies and processes.
  • Be an ongoing resource for banking and finance issues and market intelligence.

‘High touch’ or ‘low touch’:

We can do all the work: research, financial modeling, produce materials, contact potential lenders, set up meetings and actively represent the borrower. This ‘high touch’ approach is best when there are resource and timing constraints.
Clients may want to do as much of the work in-house. We can provide guidance, outlines and editing. We will advise on potential lenders and negotiation strategy but stay in the background as part of a ‘low touch’ approach.
Clients can also consider extending the mandate of their accountants to include a benchmarking analysis and financial model. So long as they are just providing information, not advocating or providing advice, it won’t compromise their independence and can be the most efficient way to get the information.
The list of sample services is not exhaustive. We’re open to providing in-house seminars, attending corporate strategy sessions, providing due diligence support or pretty much anything in the general area of banking and finance.

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