“Guy managed a banking RFP process for the company through to a successful closing and helped us with the post-closing interest rate swap transactions. With the benefit of his treasury background, deep understanding of the company’s needs and insider’s knowledge of banks, a better result was achieved for everyone.”


-Virgil Bretz, CEO MacroHealth Canada & MacroHealth USA

“Guy helped us write our own credit application with all of the information required by most banks. It enabled us to see ourselves the way a lender would and present our story in a way that had the best chance of success.  Every lender we approached came back with discussion papers that financed 100% of our requirement. We were very happy with the process and result.”

– Michael Erskine,  Owner, Still Creek Forest Products Ltd.

“Guy Heywood worked with one of my Entrepreneurial Clients over a 3-month period, assisting my client and his company in obtaining the necessary financing to buy-out a 50% partner. Initially, the company was offered only a portion of the required financing from its existing bank. Guy quickly assessed the key issues preventing the company from obtaining all of its required financing and offered the appropriate advice. Guy worked closely with my client to prepare and present the appropriate information to the existing bank, as well as to a number of alternative lenders in the mission to obtain all of the necessary financing on favourable terms. Based on Guy’s assessment of the key issues, advice given, and assistance provided in preparing and presenting the appropriate information to the different lenders, my client and his company obtained 100% of the required financing from the company’s existing bank on terms more favorable than those initially offered. Guy’s experience and expertise was very valuable to my client and his company.”

– John W. Harris, Partner of Grant Thornton LLP

“Guy Heywood has worked during the last 6 months with TRQ’s finance group to define and implement an investment strategy. The circumstances in which this implementation has been done were difficult due to the special ownership structure and governance of our company. Guy quickly understood the key issues and provided appropriate advice to TRQ Management and the Board. Based on his recommendations, we are currently implementing a treasury structure to manage, with the assistance of the majority shareholder, a cash balance over 1.0 Billion dollars. His advice has been very valuable to Management and the Board.”

– Steeve Thibeault, Chief Financial Officer Turquoise Hill Resources Limited

“Guy has an extensive network and a strong sales orientation. He was particularly good at engaging partners and colleagues in proactive and strategic conversations with customers.”

– Christine Cooper, Regional Vice President, BMO Corporate Finance

“We relied on Guy’s people and finance skills for key negotiations. He led a variety of business re-engineering initiatives critical to re-building the company. He is an effective negotiator, cutting through complexity to the key issues, and distinguished himself as a leader.”

– Michael Cornelissen, former CFO of the Loewen Group/Alderwoods (post-bankruptcy); President of Royal Trust; CFO Trizec Corporation