Confidence and clarity for borrowers and lenders

  • Benchmarking pricing and terms
  • Matching borrowers and lenders
  • Effective financing requests
  • D-I-Y credit applications
  • Negotiation & transaction support
  • Currency and interest rate hedging


Corporate Banking Advisory is dedicated to ensuring the best deal for borrowers and lenders is achieved more quickly, with less misunderstanding and executed more efficiently, creating the foundation for better ongoing relationships between corporate borrowers and their financial service providers.   




Companies have three kinds of risk: Risks of the business the company is in and spends most of its time on. Unavoidable risks that …

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Credit Writing

The Do-It-Yourself Credit Application Why spend the time and effort to write your own credit application? Isn’t that doing the bank’s work for it?  …

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Support for major transactions Companies aren’t staffed up in the normal course for major financing transactions. Execution risks can be reduced with planning and …

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